Welcome and congratulations on taking the important steps of protecting all that you have worked hard to acquire and most importantly, to protect those you love.

Here you will find a series of articles, links to other educational information, and videos on the various topics that surround proper Estate Planning.  I encourage you to include your significant other in this educational journey and listen to the videos together.

The most important part is to take action.  For reasons that are evident, we have no idea when these plans will need to be enacted.  This is not a do-it-yourself proposition.  This is one area of life where professional assistance is necessary. One mistake is all that is needed for all your plans to be eliminated, and you will not be there to fix things.

Read, Listen, Discuss, and then contact me.  We will meet by phone or in-person to make sure you have all your questions answered.  A proper plan is also flexible, so you do not need to have everything perfect to get started. Changes can and will be made. The idea is to begin. Your family and your Legacy are counting on you.

Sincerely yours,


In this short welcome video, I explain why many folks continue to kick this can down the road and not take action on a necessary and important part of life and the impact it has on the people we love the most.

In a few minutes, I present the reason that setting up an estate plan makes economic and logical sense, even for a young couple. Lifetime services are your assurance of Once and Done!

Setting up an estate plan is something we do to ease the burden that is a natural part of life and illness and death. Having a plan that provides the necessary assistance we will all need is a gift from our Hearts to Those We Love

Decisions are made from our Heads and our Hearts, each of us putting a little more emphasis on one over the other. In this step-by-step method, we can understand why and how Legacy Assurance Plan members have made a head-and-heart decision

Is it really a plan if all you have is a set of documents? Who will be there to help my family and what will it cost them? Learn how LifeTime Services makes your Estate Plan a true Plan.

This video will provide you with a short introduction to the organization that I have proudly represented for over 15 years and why they are truly a one of a kind member organization