A Gift of Quality Time

In his enduringly popular book “The Five Love Languages” author Gary Chapman describes how giving of our time, quality time, has the power of saying ‘I love you’ in an incredibly significant way.

Especially during this unordinary circumstance we find ourselves in, sharing of our time, our thoughts and our hearts is a wonderful, inexpensive and meaningful gift for Mother’s Day.

A gift you can give yourself and your partner. A gift of meaningful time. A time of sitting together, listening together and talking together about a subject that many couples wish to avoid, and no one can escape.

My name is Steve Fine and for over a decade I have educated families and individuals about the what, why and how of getting your affairs in order.  After speaking to 1,000’s in large groups and one on one conversations it has become abundantly clear that the major decisions we need to make come down to two simple factors.

From our Head and from our Heart. This is nowhere truer than the decisions and actions we take around the handling of our material possessions and how we will share these with those we love.

In three short videos, informal and homemade, I will share with you the  very impactful choices we need to make, or intentionally not make, and why allowing the logic of our minds and the emotions of our hearts guide us, makes these decisions obvious and simple.

Make this a gift to you and your loved ones, a gift of time to watch for 20 minutes and then talk for 20 minutes. To engage in a conversation that will influence your sense of certainty and assure that your memory will be one of honor and esteem.

Share the attached ‘Gift Certificate’ as a present this Mother’s Day, to both of you, from both of you.  This hyperlink will bring you to the page on this website that hosts these three short videos.

I wish you and your family good health, long life and endless joy.