#1 of 25 Common Estate Planning Mistakes – No Plan

A properly designed and maintained estate plan can be a very positive legacy. The benefits and services provided by the Legacy Assurance Plan were designed to assist you with avoiding these
common mistakes.

The biggest estate planning mistake is failing to plan. The
result is that if you become incapacitated, your family
will need to petition the cour t for the appointment of a
guardian. When you pass away, your estate will be subject
to probate via your state’s intestacy laws. Intestacy laws
are state statutes that create a will for those who fail to
plan. The statute names one or more family members
as the heir(s) who receive your assets in the amounts /
percentages provided. They are very inflexible and are
unlikely to reflect how you want your estate distributed.
Planning is needed if you want to avoid guardianship,
avoid probate and give specific assets to specific people
or charities.