#6 of 25 Common Estate Planning Mistakes – Attorney

Not Working with an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney
Many people attempt to save money on estate planning
by getting a do-it-yourself trust agreement online.
Or selecting the attorney who offers the lowest price,
regardless of experience. A better value is to work with an
experienced estate planning attorney who will craft your
estate plan to meet your needs and goals. If your estate
planning documents are not properly drafted, they will
not achieve your objectives. Additionally, an experienced
estate planning attorney will be able to counsel you about
how you can benefit by including a living trust in your
estate plan.

#5 of 25 Common Estate Planning Mistakes – Not Funding

Not Funding Your Living Trust
Living trusts must be funded to avoid probate and the
need for guardianship. “Funding” a living trust means
completing the process of retitling your assets from
your individual name to the name of your trust. Funding
includes both assets with titles (like real estate) and those
without titles (like household furniture). When the funding
process is not completed, one of the primary benefits
of a living trust, avoiding probate, will be lost since the
unfunded assets are subject to probate.